The Portal of Mining Museums and Noteworthy Sites in France has been created by the French Committee on the Industrial, Social and Cultural History of Mining set up by the ANGDM (National Agency for the Protection of Miners' Rights) and ACOM-France (the Association of Mining Communities in France).

The Mining Museums and Noteworthy Sites were identified using a standard template form to request information. This was circulated to all the mining communities in France (the database was initially established using the list of local communities in receipt of mining concession taxes in 1982).

The forms were filled in and returned by the local communities and the information collected served as the basis for the description of each site or museum. Similarly, the photographs accompanying each description were provided by the local communities.

The Portal's content will be updated on an ongoing basis. Updates to the content can be made by sending a request to ACOM-France ( New entries about sites which are not yet listed can be made by sending a request from the relevant local community or any interested party to ACOM-France.

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