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Go straight to the interactive map of French remarkable mining museums and sites

Enjoy browsing through the virtual landscape of French mining sites and we hope you will visit them for real!

Welcome to the Portal of Mining Museums and Noteworthy Sites in France. This new website is the result of collaboration between the French Committee on the Industrial, Social and Cultural History of Mining set up by the ANGDM (National Agency for the Protection of Miners' Rights) and ACOM-France (the Association of Mining Communities in France). It is intended for anyone interested in the story of coal mining in France.

The portal has a simple aim: to locate mining museums and former mining sites in France, and to give a brief description of their main characteristics. You can browse to the heart of each region of France; its rich geological subsoil contains mineral deposits, which have been subjected to intensive mining operations.

In today's world, the mining activities of the past have given way to a legacy which bears witness to a whole section of the social and industrial history of the country and each of its regions. Thanks to extensive regeneration, this heritage is still present in the landscapes of France today. Old headframes stand proud, spoil heaps are outlined against the sky, opencast mines have become lakes and a rich architectural legacy of buildings are like the tip of an iceberg, reminders of the activities underground.

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The portal has been built with the input of the mining communities themselves (see methodology). Through the intermediary of ACOM-France, the mining communities can update their own information. The site and its content will evolve, as it will be updated on an ongoing basis. The purpose of the portal is not to replace local and regional initiatives which have been set up to bring heritage sites to life. It is rather an invitation to discover the wealth of this diverse heritage. The portal is available for everybody, from visitors to researchers, in France and abroad, which is why the site is accessible in French and in English.

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